Dr Ahmad Omar Murad

Chairman, ILM Trust

It is worth mentioning that Dr Ahmed Omar Murad has been appointed as Chairman, ILM Trust, by the Board of Trustees. Dr Murad is a visiting scholar at UMT. He obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from Washington State University in 1991. Prior to that, he obtained his Master’s from DePaul University, Chicago and Bachelor’s degree from the UK. He worked as a research scientist before being drawn to exploring how emerging technologies can be utilized for training and development of children and youth.

Dr Ahmed Murad served as Vice President of Sound Vision, an educational multimedia company until 2012.  He dedicated himself towards developing self-learning software which has been widely used in Islamic education. Dr Ahmed Murad has taught courses on contemporary Islamic issues at American Islamic College in Chicago and at UMT. He also spends his time researching on historical development of Islamic thought and jurisprudence. In addition, he is an active participant in inter-faith dialogue.