Dr Ahmad Omar Murad

Chairman, ILM Trust

At UMT, we are driven by a purpose to build knowledge-driven societies with a decidedly futuristic outlook without losing the spiritual connection which lies at the core of humanity. It is easy to lose faith in an era marked by great technological development and advances in the physical and life sciences. This is a time of great upheavals and change in the world that we live in; whereby a new worldview which takes cognizance of the complex ethical and societal challenges, emerging global partnerships and alliances in trade, diplomacy and economics, are shaping the dynamics of how societies are adapting to such massive changes in the comity of nations.

In a sense, the lines demarcating national borders have become less distinct. National borders, though still in place on the world map which is used to teach geography and history to our children, do not represent such clear barriers as they used to. We live in an increasingly interconnected world where global citizenship is a real possibility provided that we are ready for it. Here, education plays the most vital part; education in the broadest sense, aiming at holistic development of learners across a broad spectrum of dimensions, ranging from skills and competencies to innate qualities of leadership and compassion, to the development of the self. It is not easy to aim so high but this is precisely what we have done.

This is also what the Founder of UMT, the late Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad aimed at; his vision was greatness, helping those who pass through the gates of learning achieve true greatness. This legacy and vision will remain the beacon that lights all endeavors at UMT and all initiatives of the ILM Trust.

We face great challenges; we can only surmount them if we remain committed and strong in our endeavors, and become proud custodians of our culture and civilization.